No-Code Operator Crash Course

The free crash course to begin your journey as a no-code operator. Learn how startup operators leverage no-code and AI to automate their processes and build systems that generate bigger outcomes.

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Discover the tactics, tools and use cases harnessed by top startup operators to supercharge their operations. And learn how you can apply these to your operational challenges.

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Are a founder or a startup operator looking to automate your processes? This course helps you figure out how to take advantage of no-code to make these functions more efficient:

Sales Operations
Customer Success
Human Resources

Course outcomes

By the end of this intro course, you will:

Understand the no-code ops approach - and how to start implementing it in your organization

Know the different types of no-code platforms that make no-code operations possible

Know the different use cases you can build with no-code to supercharge your processes

Course content

Everything you need to know to get started with no-code operations.

Learning module 1

No-code operations

Learn about the fundamentals of no-code operations:

  • What is no-code operations?
  • Does no-code operations work?
  • What are the benefits of this approach?
  • What are the building blocks of no-code ops?
  • How can I become a no-code operator?
  • How can companies embrace no-code ops?
Learning module 2

No-code platforms

Dive into the different no-code tools that make no-code operations possible:

  • What is possible with no-code today?
  • What are the different types of platforms?
  • Which tool(s) should you use for your project?
  • What to expect in the near future in no-code?
Learning module 3

No-code use cases

Discover the use cases no-code operators build to supercharge their operations:

  • Which use cases can be built with no-code?
  • How to build each use case?
  • Which skills are required to build each use case?

Tools we’ll cover


Meet your %%instructor%%

Alexandre Kantjas is a co-founder of 9x, a no-code automation agency specialized in internal process automation. 9x has run training programs for some of Europe’s top startups like Make, Circula and more.

Alexandre Kantjas

Co-founder, 9x
SaaS & Operations expert


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