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Wait a Minute… Why are We Doing This?

The one question we’re all forgetting to ask before jumping into process optimization.

How to Find Automation Opportunities

If you’ve must prioritize your company’s internal automation initiatives, here’s a simple approach to get started.

It’s Time Startups Hire a Chief Automation Officer

Hiring a CAO will be key to turn the citizen development opportunity into a win for startups.

The 9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Tool

Selecting the right tools is harder than you think. Here’s how we help our clients figure it out.

How to Pick the Right Tools

Selecting the right tools is harder than you think. Here’s how we help our clients figure it out.

The Myth of the All-In-One Platform

Why you should stop obsessing about having everything in one place and embrace having multiple tools instead.

The CRM-Channel Gap: Why Your CRM Needs No-Code

Top marketers and Sales managers are now embracing no-code to extend the capabilities of their CRM.

It’s Time for You to Pick Up Technical Skills

Alex's journey as a business generalist turned builder, and why there’s never been a better time to start learning technology.

Customer Data Platforms: The Future of Marketing Attribution

Customer data platforms play a critical role in the martech landscape: leverage them to maximize your marketing efforts.

Why Automating Your Process Will Make It 9x Better

Process automation is the clearest way to optimize your processes. Below are 9 reasons you should start automating your processes.

You Run It, You Build It

For the first time, no-code gives operators full control over every detail of their processes.

Implementing AoRs - Part One: Mapping AoRs

How to get started with mapping AoRs and assigning ownership across your organization.

Implementing AoRs - Introduction: Why Should You Implement AoRs?

An introduction to the concept of Areas of Responsibility - AoRs and the benefits they can bring to fast-growing organizations.

The No-Code Tools All Startups Should Know About

Allowing your business talents to automate their processes on their own can be a game changer.

No-Code Automation for Marketing & Growth

No-code automation unlocks efficiency for Marketers by removing cumbersome repetitive tasks and allowing for focus on creativity.