We’ll fix your marketing tracking in 30 days

Transform your tracking setup to unlock precise, actionable insights across all campaigns, freeing you to focus on growth and ROI without the guesswork.
We’re automation experts trusted by fast growing startups

Your traditional tracking stack is broken

Losing sleep over disappearing tracking data due to new browser restrictions?
Frustrated with not knowing your true marketing ROI?
Overwhelmed by the complexity of modern marketing tools?

Expertly guiding you into the cookieless future

Leverage first-party data for deep insights

Seamlessly shift to first-party data utilization. Benefit from richer, actionable insights that elevate your marketing effectiveness.

Migrate to robust server-side tracking

Enhance data reliability through server-side tracking. We guide the migration process, including the set up in your Ad Networks and Analytics tools

Deploying a modern marketing stack

We expertly integrate a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Warehouse into your marketing ecosystem.
How we get it done

Event-tracking plan

We craft a comprehensive event tracking plan, mapping the key user journey events to provide a clear blueprint for implementation. Here less is more, we focus on the events that drive your business forward, not every button click.

CDP Implementation

We take charge of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) implementation, working closely with your developers to integrate and rigorously QA all tracking setups. This guarantees precise data collection and segmentation, unlocking personalized marketing strategies and deeper customer insights.

Google Analytics 4 setup

GA4 might not be our favorite tool, but its importance for Marketing teams can't be ignored. We dive in headfirst to set it up for you, focusing on modern consent rules and server-side event tracking.

Server-side conversion events

We handle the setup of server-side conversion events across various ad networks including Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Bing. This step enhances ad performance through more reliable tracking, minimizes dependency on client-side cookies, and bolsters ad optimization with trustworthy data.
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One-time payment, done in 30 days
  • Free tracking audit & event tracking plan
  • Customer Data Platform implementation
  • Data Warehouse integration
  • Google Analytics 4 integration
  • Full setup of conversion APIs for your ad channels (Google, Meta, Linkedin etc.)
  • Key user data pushed back to your CRM