Become an automation pro in 9 weeks.

Learn how to leverage no-code at work.
The first 9-week part-time bootcamp for operators, developed by automation experts.
Limited to 9 seats!
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Why now?

You don't need to code to use automation

No-code is making it possible for non-developers to build software. This changes everything... anyone can now automate their work.
Who is this for?

Designed for operators

This course is for operators, the people running the processes in:
  • Marketing
  • Sales Operations
  • Customer Success
  • Product
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
What to expect?

Bootcamp outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:
  • Be proficient at automations and workflows
  • Know how to build custom tools with no-code
  • Have a strong network of peer operators
The tools you will use

The most fun & effective way to learn

You'll build from day one and get continuous feedback from peers. This isn't just another online course. You will come out with a tangible product and a valuable network of people like you.

Learning by doing

Each week, you'll work towards building your own automated custom tool

Ongoing feedback

Get continuous feedback from our instructors as you build

Pro Tips

Learn tips and best practices to level up your automation game

Peer Network

Grow your network and engage with operators from multiple industries
Our team

Meet your instructors

We are automation experts running 9x, a no-code automation agency specialized in internal process automation. We’ve run our learning programs for some of Europe’s top startups including Make and Circula.
Alexandre Kantjas
Co-founder, 9x
Co-author, Low-Code Starter Pack
ex. Head of Operations, Circula
Pierre-Yves Garcia
Co-founder, 9x
Co-author, Low-Code Starter Pack
ex. Business Operations Lead, Smunch
Jan Meinecke
Co-founder, 9x
Marketing & Growth expert
ex. VP Growth, Actio

It gives autonomy to business people

alex crosby
Alexandre Crosby
Entrepreneur & Investor

A sneak peek into the program

A social, interactive learning experience where you will build no-code tools through practice and continuous feedback
Learning module 1

Web and automation basics

Learn the basics of the web and how to identify automation opportunities.

Concepts: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, objects, automations

Tools: no-code tools overview
Learning module 2

Databases and data

Learn how relational databases work, understand data types and how to manipulate data in workflows.

Concepts: relational databases, database operations, data types

Tools: Airtable, Google Sheets
Learning module 3

APIs and webhooks

Work with APIs and webhooks and learn how to leverage them with no-code platforms.

Concepts: APIs, webhooks, JSON

Tools: Make, Postman
Learning module 4

Frontend and applications

Build frontend interfaces your users can interact with and learn how to architect no-code applications.

Concepts: frontend use cases, HTML and CSS basics, applications architecture

Tools: Airtable Interfaces, Bubble, Softr

If you book now, you will also get:

✓ 4-week Build Track 500€ FREE
4 week mentorship program with a weekly 1-1 session with an Automation Expert to help you build your first automations
✓ Javascript for business people 59€ FREE
Extra course to understand the fundamentals of Javascript for business automation
✓ HTML & CSS for business people 59€ FREE
Extra course to master HTML & CSS to enhance business processes and web development
✓ SQL for business people 39€ FREE
Extra course to grasp the power of SQL for data-driven business solutions and analytics
✓ Lifetime Access to discord server with 24/7 support from Automation Experts PRICELESS
Still have questions?


What happens if I apply?
When you click on the button Reserve your seat, you will be redirected to our online form to fill your application, and on the next you can select a meeting slot in our calendar to arrange an interview.

During this call we'll discuss your application and answer any questions you may have about the bootcamp.

This step is crucial as it will allow us to get to know you better and understand whether or not we can be a good fit for you based on your goals.
Is this bootcamp part-time?
Yes! Our bootcamp is designed for busy operators. This is why we designed of a flexible program that can easily fit your busy schedule.

Below is an example of what your week might look like:

Live sessions:
- Monday: Course kickoff and Q&A | 45 minutes
- Wednesday: Co-building session | 60 minutes
- Friday: Tool introduction | 60 minutes

Asynchronous work:
- Video lessons | 90 minutes
- Exercises | 90 minutes
How will I engage with other participants?
You will interact with other participants in multiple ways.

This may happen on Slack, DMs, group challenges, video calls and much more.

In fact, on top of joining live lectures & fireside chats together, you'll be matched with buddies who will help you problem-solve as well. You'll also meet other participants during socials and 1-to-1 "speed-dating" sessions.
Can I take this course while working full-time?
Yes, we have designed a format that is compatible with working full-time.

Sessions take place at the end of the day and are recorded so you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to attend these or not.

Each week, plan 90 minutes for the course content, 90 minutes for the exercises and 2-3 hours for the group sessions, making up for 5-6 hours in total.
What if I have to miss a live lecture?
No need to worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available online so that you can access them later.

You can also contact your instructor and fellow cohort members asynchronously.
How does the Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee work?
If, after completing the lessons and exercises in the bootcamp, you feel like the content wasn't of value to you, we will refund the full amount of your seat price.
Do I get extra rewards if I refer friends?
Absolutely! For each participant you refer, you get a €500 reduction on your admission fee.

Just tell your friends to mention that your name, and that you referred them, during their bootcamp interview.
Can I expense this bootcamp?
Most likely, yes!

This bootcamp teaches concepts that can help you increase your productivity at work and can be expensed as a training with your company.

To help you doing this, we've prepared a few slides that you can present to your manager to show them the benefits they'd get if you join this cohort.

Please feel free to contact us to get the presentation and share internally within your organisation.