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Learning automation when you are not technical is hard. We've designed our training courses for business teams to learn how to automate processes leveraging no-code, APIs and AI, across the following functions:
Nikolai Skatchkov
CEO, Circula

9x has been a game changer - we’re now operating at a different level

Thanks to 9x, each team at Circula can now automate their own processes and build the internal tools they need to boost their productivity without interfering with our tech team.

Why companies use 9x Training for Teams

Employee onboarding

Bring new hires up to speed on no-code skills

Talent development

Give no-code superpowers to the top talents of your team

Company perk

Provide your employees with a valuable educational perk


Learn at your own pace with async courses

Async lessons - Lessons about technical concepts in video, slides and transcript formats

Modules to practice - Demos, quizzes, tutorial and exercises focusing on building

Comprehensive catalogue - Our courses cover all technical skills required to become a proficient automator

Get inspired in cohorts

Live sessions - Use cases, tool demos, workshops and surprises to inspire your team

Twice per year - 2024 cohorts will take place in June and November and require a cohort pass.

Cohort pass only - A cohort pass is required to attend one of the live cohorts

Get weekly support in office hours

Ask us your questions - Join the call to ask questions about a course or get help

Once a week - 1 hour every week, all year long - with at least one founder in the call

Watch the recordings - All office hour sessions are recorded and available on the 9x Learning platform

Packed with our technical learning modules

The crash course to begin your journey as a no-code operator. Learn how startup operators leverage no-code and AI to automate their processes.
Learn to identify, evaluate, and build automations, covering objects, the HTTP protocol and web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Learn the essentials of APIs and webhooks, including making API requests, reading documentation, and setting up webhooks for workflow integration.
Understand data types, data transformation, and relational databases, including how to build and maintain normalized databases.
Discover generative AI and LLMs, focusing on applying AI to daily tasks such as prompting in chat interfaces and integrating AI into API workflows.
Explore advanced frontend and application development, including creating dedicated applications and understanding application architecture.
Get introduced to low-code development, learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REGEX, and SQL to read and write code for SaaS and no-code applications.
Master Airtable skills like database design, data manipulation, and functions to efficiently manage data and streamline tasks.

AI-first operations

Over 5 weeks we'll showcase how companies can take advantage of AI in internal tools and automations, and set-up AI agents to automate entire workflows – of course completely in no-code.
Live cohort starting June 17th
Week 1

Monday 17/06

Kick-off: AI-first operations

Friday 21/06

Interacting with AI via chat
Week 2

Monday 24/06

Use case #1: CRM AI Enrichment

Thursday 27/06

Interacting with AI via APIs
Week 3

Monday 01/07

Use case #2: Lead generation

Thursday 04/07

Leveraging AI agents
Week 4

Monday 08/07

Use case #3: Onboarding Funnel

Thursday 11/07

Use case #4: Agentic research
Week 5

Monday 15/07

Use case #5: Content creation

Thursday 18/07

Use case #6: Renewal & Upsells

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