APIs and webhooks for operators

Learn how to leverage APIs and automate your workflows. Taught by automation experts from 9x.

Learn how APIs can help you automate your daily tasks

Knowing how to work with APIs is a superpower - and doesn't require any coding knowledge. This course shows operators how to take advantage of them.

Designed for %%operators%%

Built by operators for operators, this course will bring you API skills to increase your team's productivity, automate processes and make work easier.

Sales Operations
Human Resources
Customer Success

%%Outcomes%% of this course

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

Make successful API calls and leverage webhooks

Read and understand any API documentation

Create powerful API-based workflows

A sneak peek into the %%course%%

This course covers everything operators need to know to build simple to complex automations leveraging APIs and webhooks

Learning module 1


Discover what APIs are and how they work in practice. Learn the different components behind an API request.

Learning module 2

API security

Authentication, authorization and the other security mechanisms that make APIs secure and safe to use.

Learning module 3


Work with JSON files, the standard for sending and receiving data with REST APIs.

Learning module 4

API documentation

Learn how to read API docs and find the right information for your specific use case.

Learning module 5


Leverage webhooks to build automations. Learn how to set up webhooks to trigger and send data to applications.

Learning module 6


Know how to use pagination to chain multiple API requests in advanced use cases.

Learning module 7


Understand the components and steps behind the OAuth authentication process.

The %%tools%% you will use


Meet your %%instructors%%

This course is taught by 9x. We are automation experts helping startups automate their business operations. We’ve run training programs for some of Europe’s top startups like Make, Circula and more.

Alexandre Kantjas

Co-founder, 9x
SaaS & Operations expert

Pierre-Yves Garcia

Co-founder, 9x
Biz Ops & Automation expert

Jan Meinecke

Co-founder, 9x
Marketing & Growth expert

If you want to make your daily tasks way more efficient..


What I will be able to do after the course?

APIs allow you to get access to other applications data and actions. This means: pretty much anything you are doing manually in SaaS tools all day could be automated with its API. Some examples of things you can do with APIs:

  • Generate invoices programatically with Stripe
  • Find contact email addresses using Hunter
  • Create custom Slack notifications
  • Create buttons triggering external applications
  • ... and many more!

With now thousands of services available, the possibilities APIs offer are endless.

Can I take this course while working full-time?

Yes, this course is fully asynchronous, so you can learn at your own pace.

However, don't expect it to be a passive experience where you only watch videos and read presentations! More than half of the content of this course is practical, with:

  • Demos: quick recordings where we show you concrete examples applying technical concepts from the course
  • Tutorials: guided exercises with step-by-step instructions to reproduce use cases
  • Exercises: advanced use cases to build on your own with video correction

Combining theory and practice ensures you reach your goal: to apply what you learn and build with APIs.

I'm a beginner. Is this course for me?

This course is suited for beginners with no coding knowledge and no prior experience with APIs.

However, this course isn't just an introduction to APIs - we cover everything a qualified automation specialist should know about the topic. If you are an operator looking to acquire API skills, you won't need another course.

Can I expense this course?

This course teaches technical concepts that can help you increase your productivity at work and can be expensed as a training with your company.

To help you doing this, we've prepared a few slides that you can present to your manager to show them the benefits they'd get if you join this cohort. Feel free to contact us to get the presentation and share internally within your organisation.

What about refunds?

If for some reason, the course was not what you expected, we have a money back guarantee. We will refund you - no questions asked - as long as you let us know within 7 days.