Scale your business, not your

We help fast-growing companies supercharge their operations with no-code and low-code automation
Why now?

The rise of automation-first

SaaS, APIs and no-code platforms have changed everything.
Operators can now leverage these technologies to build and automate their processes without developers.
why no code
Our tech-stack
The 9x way

We don't do it for you. We co-build with you

We're here to empower your team to leverage no-code and build on their own. In every engagement we take we train your team and ensure skill transfer so they become proficient users who can build autonomously.
Phase 1
We audit your current operating system, define your automation roadmap and identify potential builders in your team.
What we do
  • Team surveys
  • Deep dive interviews
  • Summary analyses
What you get
  • Stack overview
  • Automation roadmap
  • List of builders
Builders in
your team
Projects & processes
Phase 2
We lay the technical foundations for automation-first operations, build first proof of concept projects and train your teams.
What we do
  • Setup new stack
  • Co-build first projects
  • Train first employees
What you get
  • First batch of builders
  • First automations
  • Upgraded stack
Builders in
your team
Projects & processes
Phase 3
Your team can build and is now in charge! We continue to provide ongoing support, coaching and training when needed.
What we do
  • Automation advisory
  • Training and coaching
  • Troubleshooting
What you get
  • Team of builders
  • Automation first mindset
  • No-code OS
Builders in
your team
Projects & processes
What they say about us
Streamline your business

9x has been a game changer!

With a builder in every team, Circula is now operating on a different level. Each team can now automate their processes and build the internal tools they need to boost their productivity without interfering with our tech team.
Nikolai Skatchkov
CEO - Circula
Build an MVP

We got such an amazing tool...

The process with 9x was very smooth. They immediately grasped the problem we wanted to solve and we got an amazing tool in the end!
Alisha McKenzie
People Experience Coordinator - ScreenCloud

Get your sales team closing deals, not copy pasting

Lead outreach campaigns
Linkedin contact enrichment
CRM record deduplication

Have your marketers creating, not building reports

Automated performance reports
Email marketing & user surveys
Campaign performance slack notifications

Onboard new employees faster, and bring value sooner

Tool access management
Company knowledge base & documentation
Employee recruiting automation

Have meaningful interactions with your customers

Customer onboarding
Automated customer health monitoring & notifications
NPS/CSAT surveys

Stop chasing invoices and manually updating excel sheets

Payroll automation
Revenue reconciliation
Billing and invoicing

Deliver exceptional experiences with scale and efficiency

Order fulfillment
Stock management
Ready to automate your operations?
Our upcoming courses

Automation Bootcamp

Next cohort: June 2023
9-week part-time course: Become an automation pro and learn how to leverage no-code and APIs at work.

API Bootcamp

Next cohort: July 2023
3-week part-time course: Become an API pro and learn how to leverage APIs at work.