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We are a Berlin-based company founded in 2021. We are on a mission to help operators automate and digitalize their processes - without depending on developers.
Alexandre Kantjas
Jan Meinecke
Pierre-Yves Garcia

Operators at heart

Behind 9x is a team of operators

We’ve spent the last 10 years working for multiple technology companies - from early-stage to growth stage ventures. We’ve worked in different functions: Operations, Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Product, among others.

Execution is our jam: we love building startups from the ground up. One process at time, one project after another, step by step.

We believe that next to a great product and a Sales engine, what defines the long-term success of a startup is its operational excellence.

We work with founders and companies trying to redefine industries; our ambition is to help them realize theirs.

Failed early attempts at using web technologies

Everywhere we’ve been, we faced the same situation: we needed the help of developers to implement our ideas.

Need to make a change to the company’s website? Ask tech. An extra feature in the backoffice tool? Ask tech. An internal dashboard? Tech, again. But with limited tech resources, this meant waiting for weeks - if not months - before what we needed got implemented, if ever.

We all tried to find a solution to this problem by teaching ourselves, well, tech. We asked developer friends. We tried learning on our own online. We tried coding bootcamps. Despite our attempts, we were unable to become truly autonomous from tech. It was too complicated to learn - we needed simpler solutions.

Enters no-code

In 2020 we started playing around with no-code tools.

And we made a common discovery: with no-code, operators can now build on their own. Want to automate a process? Push data from a tool to another? Build that internal dashboard? No need to ask tech anymore. Just go and build it yourself.

We started using these tools at work to digitalize and automate operational processes.

And it worked very well: not only did we implement our own ideas, we also started helping out other teams around us and realized this approach could be applied to most business functions: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, HR, etc.

We’re now convinced that no-code is about to radically transform every industry.

Made by operators for operators

In these companies, every function will operate very differently from today: many work processes will be replaced by automated workflows; teams will use custom internal tools custom that fit their exact needs; and many more employees will be builders - not just developers.

Builders will be the central piece making this giant puzzle work. They will no longer just use software, they will also build software. Tinker with technology and experiment. Beyond having autonomy, they will invent new, better ways to operate.

We will be here to help them figure out how.
Ready to automate your operations?