Become an %%API pro%% in just 3 weeks.

Learn how to leverage APIs at work. Taught by automation experts.

You don't need to code to use APIs

Knowing how to work with APIs is a superpower. The problem with APIs is that they are still mainly used by developers, and non-technical users have yet to take advantage of them. We've created this course to change that.

Designed for %%non-technical%% profiles

We believe that bringing these skills to non-technical people will unlock a plethora of use cases.

Sales Operations
Human Resources
Customer Success

Bootcamp %%outcomes%%

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

Create powerful API-based workflows

Read and understand any API documentation

Make successful API calls and leverage webhooks

A sneak peek into the %%program%%

A social, interactive learning experience where you will build with no-code tools through practice and continuous feedback

Learning module 1


Concepts: Discover what APIs are and how they work in practice.Learn the different components of HTTP requests and HTTP responses.

Learning module 2

API documentation

Concepts: Learn how to read API documentations and what to look for exactly when you are trying to use an API for a specific use case.

Learning module 3


Concepts: Work with the JSON file format, which is used to send and receive data with REST APIs, and discover tools to work with JSON files.

Learning module 4


Concepts: Leverage webhooks to build automations. Understand how these are different from APIs and learn how to set up webhooks to trigger and send data to an application.

Learning module 5

Advanced API concepts

Concepts: Master advanced API concepts such as pagination, chaining API calls, or more advanced authorization methods.

The %%tools%% you will use


What your typical week looks like

The program is designed to fit into the schedule of someone working full-time.
1 hour
2 hours
2 hours

Meet your %%instructors%%

We are automation experts running 9x, a no-code automation agency specialized in internal process automation. We’ve run training programs for some of Europe’s top startups like Make, Circula and more.

Alexandre Kantjas

Co-founder, 9x
SaaS & Operations expert

Pierre-Yves Garcia

Co-founder, 9x
Biz Ops & Automation expert

Jan Meinecke

Co-founder, 9x
Marketing & Growth expert

If you want to make your daily tasks way more efficient..


What I will be able to do after the course?

APIs allow you to get access to another system’s data and actions. The possibilities with APIs are therefore endless.

Some examples of things you could do:

- Generate an invoice in Stripe

- Enrich records in your CRM: get a contact’s email address, or a company’s industry and size for instance

- Trigger Slack notifications for a specific event

- Add the current price of a cryptocurrency inside your app

Can I take this course while working full-time?

Yes, we have designed a format that is compatible with working full-time.

Sessions take place at the end of the day and are recorded so you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to attend these or not.

Each week, plan 1 hour for the course content, 2 hours for the exercises and 1-2 hours for the live sessions, making up for 4-5 hours in total.

What if I have to miss a live lecture?

No need to worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available online so that you can access them later.

You can also contact your instructor and fellow cohort members asynchronously.

Can I expense this bootcamp?

Most likely, yes!

This bootcamp teaches concepts that can help you increase your productivity at work and can be expensed as a training with your company.

To help you doing this, we've prepared a few slides that you can present to your manager to show them the benefits they'd get if you join this cohort.

Please feel free to contact us to get the presentation and share internally within your organisation.

What about refunds?

You will not be asked to make a payment until we have an interview with you.

If for some reason, after you've paid you realise that you will not be able to attend our learning community we can defer your admission at a later date or process a full-refund to you.

How does the Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee work?

If, after completing the lessons and exercises in the bootcamp, you feel like the content wasn't of value to you, we will refund the full amount of your seat price.