How 9x supported Heylama’s successful app launch with a modern CRM solution

Sherzod Gafar
Co-Founder & CEO, Heylama

9x turned our vision for impactful communication into reality.

Implementing, guided by 9x, was a pivotal moment for us. It allowed for an unprecedented level of personalization and efficiency in our communication, transforming how we capture and engage leads, and deliver smooth digital experiences for our users.

About Heylama

Heylama is redefining language learning through its innovative conversational AI platform, designed to make the process more interactive and accessible. They have developed a fun AI-powered speaking practice app for intermediate learners, as well as B2B solutions for companies and language schools.

The mission

Heylama's mission was to maximize engagement for their AI-driven language learning app by ensuring timely, personalized outreach to students, including nurturing future students who signed up for waitlists and downloaded lead magnets. Recognizing the critical role of engaging users at the right moments to drive app usage and learning success, Heylama focused on leveraging a sophisticated CRM Tech Stack. This approach aimed at automating and optimizing communication, ensuring that both current and prospective students received the right messages at the right times, significantly enhancing the learning experience and app interaction.

Our solution

For Heylama, our suggested tech stack included Segment for its robust tracking capabilities and data pipeline construction, paired with as the omni-channel marketing communications tool. This combination was chosen to enhance user engagement and automate communications effectively.

Unified data pipeline

Utilizing Segment allowed us to create a unified data pipeline, centralizing user interactions across Heylama's platforms, combining both leads generated across various web sources and mobile app signups. This integration ensures that every user action is captured and streamlined and piped to, facilitating personalized and timely communications.

We additionally set up a sync between Heylama's PostgreSQL database and, enabling a deeper layer of data integration. This synchronization allowed us to enrich customer profiles with extensive user data, enhancing the precision of targeted communications. Through this setup, both real-time interactions and historical data informed the segmentation and personalization strategies, ensuring that messages were not only timely but also highly relevant to each learner's journey and interests.

Advanced lead capture

Our strategy enhanced Heylama's ability to capture leads through various digital touchpoints. By leveraging, we optimized the process of identifying and storing potential student information who engaged with the app through waitlists and lead magnets, setting the stage for tailored outreach.

Automated lead magnet delivery

Implementing automated delivery of lead magnets via was key to nurturing potential students. This approach ensured that users received valuable resources promptly upon engagement, fostering a positive initial experience and encouraging further interaction with Heylama's language learning app.


  • 3000+ leads captured per month
    By implementing downloadable resources across the Heylama website, we were able to capture leads from the 30K monthly users visiting the blog.
  • 1 campaign to manage all lead magnets
    We were able to combine the individual campaigns needed for every lead magnet on their website, into 1 dynamic campaign. Allowing their team to create and deliver even more content pieces faster than ever before.
  • Scalable Growth
    The tech stack's future-focused design equips Heylama for upcoming challenges and opportunities, ensuring readiness for growth and innovation.