How 9x helped the team at Make discover the full potential of no-code operations

Fabian Q. Veit
CEO, Make

9x delivered a kick-ass bootcamp

For us, it is important that we practice what we preach. That's why we want to empower our teams to leverage no-code in order to create innovative solutions and achieve high levels of agility.

Big thanks to the entire 9x team - they delivered a kick-ass bootcamp for our Makers, exposing them to different no-code solutions and a plethora of ideas for them to draw from for future projects and initiatives.

About Make

Make is the leading visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything—from tasks and workflows to apps and systems—without the need for coding skills. The company is based out of Prague, Czech Republic and Munich, Germany with a team of over 300 employees. Make’s incredible growth has led to over 500k users worldwide.

The mission

Make, despite being a leader in the no-code domain, faced an internal challenge. How does a company that champions no-code ensure its team is at the leading edge?

Make decided to search for an external partner to develop a no-code training program. They were looking for a transformative, engaging, and tailor-made learning experience that could provide insights into what is possible in this.

Our solution

9x stepped up to the challenge, crafting a bespoke 3-week bootcamp tailored to Make's unique needs. This immersive learning experience combined various teaching methods to ensure maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

The program encompassed 9 hours of learning material:

Holistic online training

Recognizing the importance of the broader no-code landscape, we offered comprehensive online lessons covering the full spectrum of no-code operations and platforms. These sessions painted a holistic picture of real-world use-cases in no-code ops.

Workshops to acquire the core skills of a no-code operator

We began each week with live workshops where participants dove into the intricacies of data manipulation, transfer, and collection.

Hands-on building experience

Learning doesn't end in a classroom setting. So, the culmination of our program was a series of live building sessions where participants learned how to practically apply their newfound knowledge by building concrete use cases: Slack workflows, internal tools and public apps. The idea was clear: inspire to innovate.


  • High engagement
    With 35 proactive participants, the bootcamp saw palpable excitement and drive.
  • Real-world application
    Our practical approach bore fruit. Post-bootcamp, a significant number of Make's employees didn't just learn, but they began creating. They developed use-cases, stemming directly from the course's inspiration.
  • Creating no-code advocates
    Through our collaborative journey, Make's employees have not only grown in skills but have evolved into ambassadors for the no-code revolution.