Your no-code database (aka Google Sheets on steroids)
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The power of a relational database with the ease of use of a spreadsheet software

Databases are powerful beasts, but they are not mainstream. The vast majority of business users (think your Accountant, HR Manager, Logistics Manager) don’t know how to use a database.

Airtable has overcome this unfamiliarity, by creating a software that makes it easy for non-technical business operators to create and work with databases a.k.a. “bases” in Airtable.

While the majority of business users don’t know how to use a database, it is safe to say that 99% of business operators have had some interaction with a spreadsheet. This is what makes Airtable great.. they took a UI that everyone is familiar with (the humble spreadsheet) and supercharged it with the power of a relational database. Creating what we like to call.. “Google Sheets on Steroids”.

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