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Design has never been so collaborative

Most techies have probably heard about Figma, a similar tool to Sketch. Everyday more and more people are speaking about this, and more and more big startups are making the switch to Figma. But just how did Figma (company created in 2013) manage to turn its product into the industry standard in only a few years?

Figma notably became the top-tool for prototyping (

A collaborative and accessible design tool

The two main differences are that Figma runs 100% in your browser and lets you collaborate with your colleagues in real-time (you can even call them inside the tool! no more switching windows).

Any colleague can access files, give feedback, make edits, have access to all the code specs and actually create on-brand content thanks to design libraries and components.

Figma is very much the “complete package” when compared to Sketch, which requires additional plugins (Zeplin, InVision, Abstract etc.) to provide you with functionalities such as prototyping and developer handoff.

An easy switch to make

  • Figma an easy-to-use tool with a UI that is very similar to Sketch and other design tools.
  • Figma “free to get started” model makes it super easy to try, (be convinced by the product) and adopt. You just have to sign up for a free account and in the blink of an eye you are on your first draft in the browser.

Just a more exciting tool
  • Figma continues to launch/integrate new features like audio comments or FigJam white-boarding & widgets (Figma competing with Miro)
  • Thanks to its growing community, you can start designing from templates and integrate what others have done before by simply duplicating their shared file.
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