The documentation operating system
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The documentation operating system

Unless you’ve just come back from 10 year trip in space, you’ve probably already heard of Notion. The versatile productivity platform is being used for a variety of use cases - project management, content calendar, personal workspace…

While all these are valid use cases for the platform, we’d argue that Notion’s zone of genius sits in between databases and documentation. Documentation platforms have been historically poor in terms of innovation before Notion came out - offering complex UIs to create it and no easy way to discover or find it.

Notion’s remarkable feature is that every page can be a database record, too. This makes it very easy to link pages with each other so what you write once can be shown at multiple places, in the right context. Combined with database templates and powerful keyboard shortcuts, a Notion workspace with the right setup can help a team create high quality, consistent documentation in a fraction of the time it takes to do it on other platforms.

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