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If This Then... Zap

Connecting the different tools you use with each other is a universal need. The same process never really is the exact same across different companies - and as a result processes are rarely covered end-to-end by a single tool. For operators working daily with these tools, this means they need to perform manual tasks - such as emailing their colleagues, copy-pasting or importing data - to ensure the process continues.

Zapier empowers them to automate these steps across more than 5,000 apps—so they can move on to higher level tasks. Their integration platform is the leader in this market thanks to its simplicity of use: with no coding required, users can connect the apps they use and build automation workflows by completing a simple visual path.

Zapier is also unrivaled when it comes to the number of integrations available. If you have never tried an integration platform, you should probably first take a look at Zapier.

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