Use case:

Attribution Monitoring Tool



Getting a clear picture of your best performing acquisition channels requires clean attribution data

  • Automated tracking does not mean your attribution is correct
  • Sales managers are not incentivized to correct attribution data
  • Offline channels require manual correction
  • CRMs generally offer poor UI to rework attribution data


Attribution is now monitored and corrected via a dedicated tool built with Airtable, on top of HubSpot

  • View records with incomplete attribution
  • View all attribution-relevant information in one place and update attribution in one click
  • Send a Slack DM to the SDR or the AE working on the deal in 1 click


Attribution data is now reviewed and corrected early, allowing for better resource allocation decisions

  • 30 seconds to process one case: with the full picture in one view, Sales Ops processes changes on the spot or reminds the right Sales person in one click, reducing processing times to the minimum
  • 100% attribution data reviewed each month: the market teams now get adjusted attribution data for the past month at the beginning of the new one, helping them make better allocation decisions, earlier
Get more accurate attribution