Use case:

Auto-Activations Monitoring Tool



Effectively monitoring trial customers' activity and preventing unwanted auto-subscriptions can be complex and demanding without a dedicated tool.

🛑 Keeping track of individual trial periods and subscription deadlines is challenging
🛑 Proactively identifying customers who might not want to continue with the subscription is difficult
🛑 Manual intervention to cancel auto-renewals can lead to human errors and customer dissatisfaction
🛑 Timely communication with trial customers is crucial to manage expectations and prevent unwanted charges


Implement an Auto-Renewal Monitoring Tool to proactively manage trial customer activity and minimize unwanted subscription activations:

⚙️ Comprehensive tracking of trial customers' activity and subscription deadlines
⚙️ Analysis of customer behavior patterns to predict the likelihood of auto-renewal cancellations
⚙️ Automated alerts for the customer success team to reach out to at-risk customers
⚙️ Customizable communication templates for providing timely and relevant information to trial customers
⚙️ Streamlined dashboard to manage trial subscriptions and monitor customer engagement


Enhance trial customer management and reduce unwanted auto-renewals with the Auto-Activations Monitoring Tool.

✅ Improved visibility into trial customer activity and subscription status
✅ Time and resource savings through automation and proactive management
✅ Increased customer satisfaction by preventing unwanted subscription charges
✅ Proactive engagement with trial customers for better subscription management
✅ Adaptable to a wide range of trial and subscription plans