Use case:

Automated LinkedIn Outreach



LinkedIn is great to find new leads. But it's also a closed platform disconnected from your CRM.

  • Searching for leads matching your ICP  
  • Contacting large volumes of leads
  • Taking out existing prospects or customers
  • Coordinating efforts of multiple Sales reps
  • Tracking and reporting campaign results


This process was automated by connecting LinkedIn outreach tool Expandi to HubSpot using Make.

  • Create LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Scale with multiple LinkedIn accounts in parallel
  • Notify Sales reps on Slack when a lead answers
  • Sync campaign results to HubSpot


The setup created is now used by multiple teams to scale their outreach efforts on LinkedIn.

  • 5 LinkedIn accounts managed from employees in the Sales, Marketing and People teams, all centrally managed by one person
  • 3,000 leads contacted with SDRs only engaging with warmed up leads that have already responded
  • 12,000 manual tasks automated. Standard outreach tasks that used to take significant time away from SDRs before
Automate your Linkedin outreach