Use case:

CRM Records Enrichment



CRMs are filled with records missing key data points, and researching them manually is not a viable option.

  • Having CRM users diligently enter data  
  • Dealing with new records added every day
  • Doing accurate customer segmentation when data is missing


Enrich CRM record properties using external APIs.

  • Enrichment workflows triggering APIs
  • Update CRM records when a data point is found
  • Connect to any enrichment API your business needs:, Lusha, Gender API, SERP API, etc.


Enriched CRM records allowing for more accurate lead and customer segmentation.

  • 40,000+ contacts enriched with 200+ contacts automatically enriched every week on average
  • 20,000 companies enriched with 100+ companies automatically enriched every week on average
  • 170,000 data points found, allowing for accurate demographic and firmographic segmentation
Enrich the records in your CRM