Use case:

Dunning Process Tool



Following up with customers who do not pay even after automated dunning takes considerable time

  • Automated dunning sequences do not ensure all customers pay
  • Fallback is manual dunning - which means sending emails individually and escalating
  • Process is time consuming and tricky because Finance has first to check whether the invoice got paid in the meantime


The solution: a custom internal tool to manage the dunning process built on top of Airtable and Make:

  • 1 click to import all unpaid invoices
  • Filter invoices based on internal logic - e.g. start manual dunning only for unpaid invoices overdue by 40 days
  • Send reminder emails directly from Airtable
  • Monitor and report process performance


The result: processing times reduced by 3-5x while giving Finance more control and oversight:

  • Process time reduced to less than 30 minutes each week
  • Clear overview of process efficiency - e.g. steps and time required to get paid
  • Potential for future automations and templating to further improve process
Automate your dunning process