Use case:

Individual CAC Calculation



Driving down costs of acquisition is fundamental; measuring and understanding them is a challenge

  • Complex calculation involving multiple data sources
  • Insights should reach Sales and Marketing
  • Getting insights down to channel or customer level is even harder and usually not performed regularly


Calculate how much each customer cost to acquire and push this data back in your CRM

  • Consolidate costs information in Airtable
  • Automatically allocate costs based on defined logic
  • Push individual CAC result for each customer
  • Monitor CAC in CRM dashboards


CAC is now turned into a metric that is regularly reviewed and acted upon

  • CAC insights delivered at the beginning of each month
  • Metrics include CAC, Payback time, and a breakdown of costs allocated
  • Analyze CAC at channel and customer level
  • CAC insights available to Sales and Marketing teams

Leverage accurate CAC data