Use case:

Onboarding Master Data Checks



Checking client master data before uploading it is error-prone and time consuming.

Users and settings information are provided via  onboarding sheets, which then need to be checked manually by Customer Success Managers before upload.

  • High stakes task where no major error is allowed
  • CSMs are not Excel savvy, leading to errors
  • Many things to check: data accuracy, duplicates, comparing already uploaded settings, etc.


Circula automated this checking process by building an internal tool with Airtable.

  • Upload customer master data
  • Upload existing account settings
  • Scripts run series of checks and return results


This tool is now used for every customer onboarding by the whole Customer Success team.

  • 30 mins saved per onboarding through faster uploading, data cleaning, duplicate checks, etc. No more VLOOKUPs!
  • 500+ onboardings processed by 8 different users from the Customer Success
  • 250+ hours saved in 2022, which can become 2 to 5x this number in the next years even if the tool stays at current state
Improve your client data accuracy