Use case:

Recruiting Funnel Automation



Efficiently managing the recruiting funnel is essential for attracting top talent, but manual processes can hinder the candidate experience and slow down hiring.

🛑 Coordinating interviews and communicating with candidates can be cumbersome
🛑 Keeping track of candidate progress through the hiring process is challenging
🛑 Providing a smooth and responsive candidate experience is vital for attracting top talent
🛑 Ensuring all stakeholders are informed and involved can be time-consuming


Harness the power of Personio, Make, and Calendly to create an automated Recruiting Funnel that accelerates the hiring process and enhances the candidate experience:

⚙️ Streamline interview scheduling and coordination with Calendly
⚙️ Automate candidate communication and updates using Personio messaging templates
⚙️ Centralize candidate information and progress tracking in Personio
⚙️ Integrate Personio, Make, and Calendly for seamless data exchange and automation
⚙️ Customize workflows to adapt to unique hiring processes and requirements


Transform the hiring process with Recruiting Funnel Automation, resulting in faster hires and an improved candidate experience.

✅ Accelerated hiring process through automation and streamlined workflows
✅ Enhanced candidate experience with timely communication and coordination
✅ Improved tracking and management of candidate progress
✅ Better collaboration among stakeholders in the hiring process
✅ Adaptable to a wide range of company sizes and industries