Use case:

Revenue Reconciliation Tool



Reconciling sales and cash received with spreadsheets is painful for Finance teams:

  • Analysis requires combining multiple data sources
  • Matching done manually in Excel or Google Sheets using lookup functions
  • A lot of time wasted understanding what happened with unmatched items


Automatically reconcile invoices and bookings using APIs and Airtable Scripts:

  • Get Chargebee invoices and credit notes in 1 click
  • Import DATEV bookings via CSV to Airtable
  • Click to trigger matching script that looks for matching invoice number, date, amount and flags mismatches


Processing time reduced to the minimum, highly reliable and ready for future scale increase

  • 10x faster process: Finance only needs 15 mins each month to reconcile thousands of invoices and payments
  • 100% match accuracy: no false positive matches generated so far, letting Finance focus on actual mismatches
Automate your revenue reconciliation