Build faster than you ever could - the front-end for Airtable

The easiest no-code tool to pick up and start building with

“As simple as building lego”. This is the Softr mantra. Any user, no matter their design or web development skills can build a full stack web-app and deliver a smooth, no frills business logic to both customers and internal users. All it takes is a simple connection to an Airtable base.

Making the experience as simple as building lego, Softr’s ease and speed of use is its standout characteristic. No tool is faster to create with. Its limited customisability, in terms of design, will definitely be a painful pill to swallow for some. But, in fact, this is one of Softr’s biggest strengths, pushing you to ship faster than you ordinarily would.

So if you’re just getting started on no-code or want to build faster than you could ever do, there’s one tool you can be sure will be perfect for that: Softr and its powerful simplicity.

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