Create powerful, real-time, two-way data syncs

Create powerful apps by connecting the best no-code tools

Whalesync lets businesses automatically sync their data across no-code tools like Airtable, Webflow & Bubble.

This is a real game-changer when building out fully fledged apps with no-code.

Syncs are difficult

Integration platforms like Zapier or Make are great for workflow automation: if this happens, then do that. But building syncs with them is a pain and the outcome is often more 80/20 than a proper sync.

This gets even harder with a 2-way sync.

Syncs are incredibly valuable

Often a lot of time is wasted because you need to cross-reference data from 2 tools. Without a sync you are back to CSV exports and a heavy dose of VLOOKUPs. Synced data, when it is possible, is always the better option -> more reliable and faster up-to-date.

Syncs were usually something that you would leave to your engineering department, until now.. now you leave it to Whalesync.

9x is a certified Whalesync integration partner