The simplest way to create forms
Form Builder

The simplest way to create forms

With Tally, creating a multi-step, conditional, logic-based form is as quick and easy as setting up a Google doc. It makes form building easy and offers tons of powerful features for free.

“There should be a form builder that people enjoy using but that is also budget friendly.” That’s how Tally was born. And today the company is still committed to that mission.

A unique free offering

Tally is the only form builder that offers non-paying users an unlimited number of both responses and forms. But Tally’s free version doesn’t stop there. It also comes with advanced features that would normally be under paid plans such as the ability to collect payments via Stripe, customise the ‘Thank You’ page, and integrate with other tools such as Notion, Make and Zapier.

If you then decide to upgrade to the paid version there’s no volume based pricing, so you still get unlimited responses and forms. Plus you unlock features such as Custom CSS so that you can make your form stand out even more!

Without compromising the experience

Despite being incredibly appealing to the most budget sensitive, Tally comes with a clean, familiar interface, which will immediately remind you of Notion. Simply hit slash, add any block you like and you can get your form live in a matter of minutes!

9x is an official Tally Partner